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nutrition + fat loss




Ashley's signature nutrition method, Intuitive Macros, has helped hundreds of women reach their weight loss goals, let go of emotional eating + body image struggles, and become the person who keeps the weight off for life.

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Progressive overload Strength training 

As we age, it's essential to prioritize muscle mass and have a robust metabolism. Ashley's strength programs are fun, can be done at home, and make you feel confident + amazing

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build your online business

Ashley mentors other online business owners on how to build a content-focused sustainable business with authenticity and expertise through social media, email marketing, and podcasting. She also mentors other coaches to become certified in Intuitive Macros

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Hi, I'm Ashley!

I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practioner, Business Mentor, Former Private Chef, and Entrepreneur. As someone who used to have a lifelong struggle with eating + weight loss, I'm passionate about giving you the tools to help you become your healthiest and most confident self and become to person who keeps the weight off for life.

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