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I’m Ashley Pardo, a private chef & nutritional therapist. I’m on a mission to end your neuroses with food, so you can live your vibrant life through mindset and cooking

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healing my relationship with food & my body

We cannot make sustainable change with food, our bodies, or our surrounding habits until we honestly explore and get curious about our relationship with each of them. Mindset change is not easy, but so, so worth it.

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Being healthy starts with learning to cook simple foods in easy, delicious ways with approachable and practical recipes and techniques.

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Our health begins with properly nourishing our bodies with nutrient-dense foods. I believe in bio-individuality: each person requires different types and amounts of food to feel their best. Learn how to eat intuitively for the rest of your life!

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Heart Food


Ashley has a gift for figuring our life and food — if you are looking to live a healthy, intentional, and wonderful life you NEED this podcast in your life!
— Kelsey K.

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I’m so excited to have my awesome & talented friend Jessica Oar on the show today. This is one of my favorite episodes to date – it embodies what I believe eating well & moving is about: becoming unapologetically empowered in your own life & body through action & awareness. Jess gives us an incredible […]

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This episode is a follow up to last week’s episode. It outlines 6 actionable lessons & tools I learned throughout my evolution with drinking.

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This is probably the most vulnerable episode I’ve ever put out. For the last few years, I’ve pretty much stopped drinking alcohol. I do drink from time to time, but VERY rarely, maybe 1-3 times per year. I don’t consider myself an alcoholic whatsoever, I’m a grey area drinker, but along the way, alcohol began […]

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I’m so thrilled to have my sweet friend Meg Doll on the show today. Meg is a holistic nutritionist helping women lead a life free of restriction, guilt, fear, and shame. She teaches how to nourish and become friends with our bodies and foster a strong sense of self-love, our ultimate super power. This was […]

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Episode 32 of Heart Food Podcast is live & my friend Chrissy King on the show today! I knew from the moment I met Chrissy that I wanted to have her on the show and get to know her better. This woman glows. She’s a strength and nutrition coach, powerlifter, and writer who has a […]

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In this episode, I’m joined by my friend Beverley Simpson, a coach helping mamas pre & post birth build confidence through strength & fat loss without body hate. I knew from the moment I heard Beverley speak at Elevate ’18 that I had to have her on the show. I had never heard a mom […]

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Episode 30 of Heart Food Podcast is live & it’s a heart-centered must listen. Kim Schaper, a woman’s coach & trainer focusing on body confidence, weight management, fitness, & disordered eating, joins me on the show today for one of the most honest & open conversations we’ve had thus far. Kim has an incredible story […]

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Today on the show, Ashley’s joined by her friend and first repeat guest, Chris Holt (check him out on Episode 5, too, where we focus more on mindset). Chris is a CrossFit Level 2 certified coach & is co-owner of Miami’s second CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Threshold. He’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to […]

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Episode 28 of Heart Food Podcast is live & I’m honored to have boss babe Jill Coleman on the show today! This past December I took a big scary leap and joined Jill’s mastermind program after years of being on the fence. Being around & working with Jill is a game-changer. She is real, genuine, […]

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(Make sure you sign up for my FREE 5-Day E-course, #PrepLikeAPro, to learn how to batch cook and use our template to have a plan every single week based on what you want and what you have. Sign up here.) Some time ago, I was a person who spent 4-6 hours in the kitchen on […]

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