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I’m Ashley Pardo, a private chef & nutritional therapist. I’m on a mission to end your neuroses with food, so you can live your vibrant life through mindset and cooking

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healing my relationship with food & my body

We cannot make sustainable change with food, our bodies, or our surrounding habits until we honestly explore and get curious about our relationship with each of them. Mindset change is not easy, but so, so worth it.

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Being healthy starts with learning to cook simple foods in easy, delicious ways with approachable and practical recipes and techniques.

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Our health begins with properly nourishing our bodies with nutrient-dense foods. I believe in bio-individuality: each person requires different types and amounts of food to feel their best. Learn how to eat intuitively for the rest of your life!

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Ashley has a gift for figuring our life and food — if you are looking to live a healthy, intentional, and wonderful life you NEED this podcast in your life!
— Kelsey K.

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Today’s episode is ALL about movement & training. I dive in deep into the mindset, types of training, why we must strength train, and nutrition. Stay tuned for next week’s episode which will be strictly listener Q&A!

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We’re all in for a treat with this episode as my friend Patty Fuenzalida comes on the show to walk us through what I know so many of us struggle with – our subconscious beliefs & habits & how can they run our lives. Patty gives us practical advice, tools & strategies for how to […]

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The amazing Dr. Tyna Moore joins us today for an enlightening conversation all about becoming pain free & strong, how to embody your worth, mental health & medication, & why building muscle is so beneficial for our bodies. Tyna is a Naturopathic Doctor & Chiropractor based out of Portland, Oregon who treats patients at her […]

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Today my good friend Amy Lupton joins us to talk all things skincare, cleaning up your home & beauty routine, community, & living your most authentic life. Be sure to check out Amy’s skincare company, Liferoot Botanicals AND her upcoming retreat in Austin, TX.

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So many of us out there struggle with perfectionism and letting go of control (me included!), especially around food and our bodies. I’m so glad my good friend Nicki Wilson is on the show today to help us dismantle these notions and overcome our perfectionism to live a more flexible, free, & fit life. Nicki […]

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This show was one of my favorites to date. I’m not sure that anyone has been as vulnerable as Maida was on this episode. We both got emotional going through our struggles & subsequent triumphs about food, self-worth, & spirituality. We cover how to rise above the hardships in our lives through changing our perspectives […]

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I’m so excited that my friend Deanna Schober is on the show today! This conversation was actually the first time we “met”, but we felt connected instantly and realized we have a lot in common. I learned so much during this episode and love Deanna’s perspectives about intuitive eating, developing a growth mindset, being flexible, […]

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This episode is my most personal to date – it covers my history with mental health, how you can reframe it to give yourself a great life, and tools that have helped me. Stay tuned for part two which will contain further resources!

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I’m so honored my friend Cari Li is on the show today to teach us all about energy management, flow, and honoring who YOU are to get to where you want to be. Cari Li is an Energy & Fitness Coach from Singapore who’s been coaching women around the World for the last 9 years. […]

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