Heart Food Podcast | 042 | Nicki Wilson – Food freedom, intuitive eating, perfectionism, body image & sex

So many of us out there struggle with perfectionism and letting go of control (me included!), especially around food and our bodies. I’m so glad my good friend Nicki Wilson is on the show today to help us dismantle these notions and overcome our perfectionism to live a more flexible, free, & fit life.

Nicki Wilson is married to her high school sweetheart and a mom of 3 living the dream in Waco, TX (2nd most desirable place to vacay in the country this year? 🤷🏼‍♀️).

Nicki graduated from Baylor University with a social work degree and practiced for almost 8 years before having kids and switching to the fitness & health industry. After years of working with hundreds of women- she became disillusioned with the old belief system of exercise more eat less and just keep “trying”. Her clients were miserable trying to lose the last 5 pounds over and over.

After researching and going through her own body image issues- she created tbe Fit & FREE course, started embracing and preaching the HAES gospel and started trying to set women everywhere free from food & body obsession.

We cover:

[00:08:30] – Nicki’s story
[00:20:17] – Perfectionism & letting go of control
[00:25:45] – Letting go of quick-fixes for long-term health
[00:29:43] – Body image triggers
[00:34:02] – Having a free relationship with food while having a goal
[00:42:00] – Being comfortable in your body with your partner
[00:56:45] – Spiritual perspectives


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