Heart Food Podcast | 040 | Deanna Schober – Healing your food mindset, self-care, intuition, & investing in yourself

I’m so excited that my friend Deanna Schober is on the show today! This conversation was actually the first time we “met”, but we felt connected instantly and realized we have a lot in common. I learned so much during this episode and love Deanna’s perspectives about intuitive eating, developing a growth mindset, being flexible, and how to approach nutrition & fitness after having a baby.

Deanna Schober, CPT, PN1 is the fitness professional and nutrition coach behind Fit To Be Pregnant. The site began as a way to document her first fit and healthy pregnancy after three unhealthy ones, but has since become a valued source of information for other expecting moms who seek their own fit and healthy pregnancies and want to approach the postpartum recovery in a loving, body-positive way. Deanna is passionate about teaching women to empower themselves through self-care during what can be the most vulnerable time of life: pregnancy and the first year of motherhood. She has four children and a busy career writing, coaching, and creating programs for new moms.

We cover:

– Deanna’s story
– Being gentle with yourself after having a baby
– Postpartum body image
– Being flexible with your nutrition & fitness 
– Admonishing the “no excuses” mentality
– Self-care for moms
– Relaxing & learning to be flexible with yourself
– Using what feels good as a measure for health
– Saying YES to all foods
– Giving yourself permission to gain weight as you heal your relationship with food
– Having an abundance vs. scarcity mindset with food
– Self-worth as it relates to food & body
– Creating long-lasting habits through self-love
– How Deanna & her husband became intuitive eaters
– Weight loss as a side effect of healthy habits
– Why it’s much easier to neglect & say “no” to ourselves
– Setting a good example for your children by taking care of yourself
– Showing up for yourself as a mindset
– Implementing a balanced mindset
– Developing presence & awareness
– The power in investing in yourself
– Practices & viewpoints on spirituality

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