The Food Freedom Manifesto

Food freedom means different things for different people. My food freedom won’t look like your food freedom or your boyfriend’s or your mom’s.

We all have different bodies, different genetics, different goals, different preferences, different histories, different lifestyles.

But our individualized food freedom is the only place we can experience our relationship with food & eating as effortless, fun, easy, light, delicious, and, well, FREE.

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Sounds different than anything you’ve been told, right?

You see, SO many of us have been victims of the diet industry and the diet mentality. And the reason the diet industry is SO profitable (like, billions of dollars profitable), is because it has repeat customers. Diets do not work in the long-term, and they us trapped, ashamed, and unconscious, unable to think for ourselves.

It doesn’t give us the room to make our own decisions, to be autonomous, to do things that are best for us.

The diet mentality will keep us stringent and strict, and the opposite as well, the “fuck it”, no holds-barred, feel-bloated-for-a-week-overindulgence. UGH.

Diets promise magic: that you’ll be fixed once you lose weight, but nothing has really changed. You go forward in a smaller body, but nothing in your mind is different, and this will keep you a slave to the diet industry, ravenously searching for the next quick fix, for the thing that will FINALLY make you feel better.

Food freedom is the answer to all of this. Even though it might take longer than 30 days, wouldn’t you rather spend a couple months focusing on this instead of being victim to diets, forever?

So let’s get a little more specific. You might be thinking, “what exactly am I supposed to do, where am I supposed to go, if I get rid of diets? That scares the crap out of me.” I GET IT.

What does food freedom really entail?

  • It gets rid of the diet mentality forever, which says that you must correct, punish, deprive, and restrict yourself after you go “off plan”.
  • It means no more short-term interventions. It means no guilt or shame involved with your food or movement choices, ever.
  • It means morality involved with food. No “good” or “bad” foods, no “good” or “bad” YOU because you ate a certain thing. I mean, come ON.
  • It means no more “fuck it” and going unconscious around foods and feeling like utter crap afterwards.
  • It means not being a slave to external plans, to cheat days/weeks/months/years, to the next food fad.
  • It means no more mental NOISE and drama around food, no more wasted energy thinking, “should I, shouldn’t I, how much, how little, when, how…”
  • It means no strict scheduling of foods even ten minutes before you’re going to eat it, it’s all about evaluations in the present moment.
  • It means deciding what you want, what makes you feel your best, and committing to that, most of the time, no matter what the heck anyone else says.
  • It means including foods you LOVE, that you never have to give up, your non-negotiables.
  • It is not traditional intuitive eating, which keeps many people trapped and uncomfortable, still. There has to be a little bit more structure than just “eat everything in the world no matter what”.
  • It means moving because it makes you feel powerful, alive, clear and confident.
  • It means keeping your self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love intact, despite your food choices.
  • It means never ever dieting or bingeing, ever again.
  • It means making your own definition about what is worth it and what you actually like.
  • It means creating an ironclad mindset around food, one you can take with you wherever you go, whoever you’re around, and to whatever food you’re approached with.
  • It means never ever working off calories ever again.
  • It means changing your language, the way you speak to yourself, the way you talk to yourself AROUND food.
  • It means focusing on the way you FEEL, and letting the way you look come as a side-effect of honoring yourself through food and movement choices.
  • It means having love and respect for your body, no matter its size.


Isn’t that empowering? Isn’t that something you’ve never heard before? My goal isn’t to work with my clients forever, it’s to give them the tools to change their mindset around food and practical nutrition and cooking tips, so they can be their OWN guru towards the end.

I want for you to feel free and at ease and never experience anxiety around food, ever again. And now, I have something to help you do just that.

Join Food Freedom Club, my 6-week group coaching program, that begins on February 15, 2018, to learn all of these tools, so you’ll never have to diet or binge ever again. You’ll be able to reach your specific goals, while you feel happy, powerful, and love your food the ENTIRE time.

Registration closes on February 14. There’s only 6 spots left, and I’d love to have you join the other women who have committed to become the most powerful version of themselves. Find all the info HERE.

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