Simple cauliflower puree (or how to make any vegetable puree tasty)

I really must have been a baby at some point because I could eat pureed food exclusively for the rest of my life. That’s really not a joke. Well, duh, I was a baby (I’ve seen pictures and my parents tell me), but it’s not a joke that I could live off of purees, and happily. Consequently, I’ve mastered the super easy art of making them whenever I want.



In this particular post I’m talking about cauliflower, which is the silkiest of the silky. You can even trick kids into thinking it’s pure de papa (potato puree). But PLEASE be sure to use this with whatever vegetable you have. Feel free to combine vegetables if you like, because that’s a smart way to use up what’s dying in your refrigerator. There are other ways to use purees (roasting vegetables, adding extra flavors like roasted garlic, or starting out with a soffrito base) but today, we’re staying simple. I’ll talk about those in time.


First, gather your vegetables and discard all of the non-useable parts. I separate the cauliflower into florets but don’t worry so much about making them pretty because their shape will disappear once they are blended.


In a pot large enough to fill all of the vegetables you are using, place the vegetables and 2 inches of water. Place it over high heat until boiling, then turn down to medium and cover. Steam the vegetables for about twenty minutes, until they are super soft. Alternatively, you could boil the vegetables or use a steamer basket. We just want the vegetables to be super soft, whichever way you choose to get them there is yours.



Drain the vegetables. Transfer them to a high-speed blender or food processor with 1-2 tablespoons ghee or butter + 2 teaspoons kosher salt + ½ teaspoon pepper per pound of vegetables and BLEND THEM until they are smooth and silky. You can also use an immersion blender, but I prefer the power of high speed blenders and the unbeatable smooth texture they offer to food. (If you don’t have some sort of blending appliance, then you could also mash as best you can with a fork or masher and proceed). Transfer the puree back to the pot to warm, and taste. Add more butter/ghee, salt, and pepper if you wish. That’s it, really. Now go be a baby, whatever age you are.


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