Heart Food Podcast | 011 | Setting intentions & resolutions to take big action in 2018

This episode is all about intention setting & resolutions for 2018!

I used to set biiiig intentions for the new year. So big that I’d get overwhelmed, give up, and do precisely zero of them. Now, I focus on how I want to feel every single day, take the tiniest baby step I can to get there, literally just the next right thing, and then do it over and over again. 

I choose to be happy and positive regardless of circumstance because #mindset. I talk about how much my life has changed after implementing these mindset practices and how taking big action in your life (regardless of whether you’re scared or ready or not) is something that can change your life in a significant way if that’s something you’re itching for.

Make 2018 the year that you finally do the stuff that you’ve always told yourself you would do.


The episode covers:

– A new approach to resolutions
– Coming out of tough times
– Growth through difficulty
– Developing & committing to a movement practice 
– Setting intentions & goals for the year
– My personal goals & feelings
– My experience with alcohol & how drastically cutting down has completely changed my life for the better
– What resolutions have to do with dieting & extremes
– Moving straight towards your goals with bravery
– Taking massive action
– Developing a word for the year

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Emotional Agility by Susan David

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