What is the best relationship with food and your body that you can imagine?
Does it look like: 
 Choosing foods you love effortlessly and intuitively?
Loving your body unconditionally, even through changes?
Feeling empowered, strong, clear-headed and full of energy?
Fully trusting yourself, 100% of the time?
What doesn’t it look like?
Thinking about food all the freaking time.
Jumping from diet to diet, ashamed and frustrated that nothing works
Being uncomfortable in your own skin.
Feeling bloated, exhausted, and sedentary, but unable to make changes.
Is this where you are right now? If so, I’m so happy we found each other.
Because I have been there
After spending many years emerged from that reality, I know with full certainty that there is a better way. You can trust yourself and your body. You are already strong and capable. You’ve always been. You’ve just been taught that diets, restriction and overexercising are the keys to health. 
They’re not. 
It IS possible to have full freedom with your relationship with food and your body. 
To love and enjoy what you eat, especially with others. 
To eat whatever you want whenever you want, without any restrictions. 
To be able to soothe yourself in other ways besides food. 
To be your own master. 
To not be controlled by food noise anymore. 
To focus on real food. 
To learn to cook and take care of yourself by prioritizing feeding yourself well, in both your body and your brain, every day.
To never obsess about food or binge again.
That’s what I’m here to teach you. 
Because I promise that eating whole foods will change your whole life.
But it isn’t all about food. In order to take the deep dive and finally heal your relationship with food and your body, you need to look beyond the surface. Into your emotions. Your beliefs about yourself. Your past. How worthy you believe you are. The way you choose to cope. Because the reason you might have issues with food has nothing to do with food.
No one’s ever told you that, right? 
You CAN love the way you eat, look and feel, and most importantly, love your body, forever. 
Feeling comfortable with food and your body will heal so many other aspects of your life, too.
If you use your relationship with food as a gauge to how you are feeling, for what you desire, for what you tolerate, for how you find joy, then this struggle is a gift. Maybe you’ve never seen it like that. But there are extraordinary reasons why we use food as a drug. Real reasons. We’re here to discover that so you can live freely. And never go on a diet again. 
Not for 30 days. Not for a year. Forever. 
A little about who I am
I love food: the way it’s prepared, the smells that emanate from the kitchen, and duh, eating it. But before I knew that food and my emotions were connected, before I knew that my relationship with food didn’t have much to do with food, I spent much of my early life overweight, always hating my body.
Then I started dieting. And tried every diet in the history of mankind. I lost weight. But only while on the diet. I always binged afterwards, ashamed and lost. I couldn’t find an enjoyable, sustainable way to live that didn’t involve extremes.
Until I realized that my relationship with food told all. This was revolutionary. I began to see it as a gift. Through time (years), and so much self-discovery, I no longer hated my body or the way I ate. I adored them. Today, I eat plenty of what works for me, without any restriction. 
I love food so much that five years ago, I left my corporate job in Human Resources and got a Masters in Gastronomy from Boston University along with certificates in the Culinary Arts, Baking Arts, Wine, and Artisan Cheese. I’m also certified in Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training, and a trained life coach through Wellcoaches. Most recently, I became Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association.
I’ve also lived and worked on Italian farms, learning everything from growing and enjoying fresh produce to how local, seasonal food is optimal for our health.
You could say I like exploring all aspects of food. Because to me, there isn’t another way. You can’t address food without addressing everything else, at least not for the long haul.
What you’ll find here
Here, you’ll find resources that cover: 
Spirituality & Mindfulness
How your relationship with food affects the rest of your life. 
In sum, I teach how to find a way to live and eat foods you’re in love with, forever. It is possible.
Learning to cook, being committed to eating what works for you, changing our eating and the habits surrounding them is a grand undertaking, but one that I promise will spillover into every aspect of your life.
I hope you’re ready to feel good in every area of your life. I’ll be here for you on every step of your journey as you discover the better way.

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