Heart Food Podcast | 036 | Jessica Oar – Hormonal fat loss & training, taking unapologetic action, & living powerfully

I’m so excited to have my awesome & talented friend Jessica Oar on the show today. This is one of my favorite episodes to date – it embodies what I believe eating well & moving is about: becoming unapologetically empowered in your own life & body through action & awareness. Jess gives us an incredible amount of practical, actionable, and simple knowledge to care for yourself, grow, hold yourself to a high standard, and be the best & most powerFULL YOU that you can be.

Jess helps motivated women to take unapologetic action in their training and life. She’s the creator of Be PowerFULL Lifestyle Club where women get fit, find their power and lead FULL lives. She specializes in coaching women to achieve hormonal fat-loss and dial into their unique response to food, exercise and their lifestyle. Jess is a mom to two boys, 6 and 4, and coaches daily out of her home gym, just south of Boston.

We cover:

– Jess’s story
– Why losing fat loss is okay
– Figuring out & honoring what works for you
– Advocating for yourself in life
– Why willpower doesn’t work
– Why it isn’t wrong to want to lose fat
– Becoming a thinker instead of a rule follower
– Why our physiology contributes to cravings
– Jess’s simple approach to hormonal fat loss 
– Using metabolic conditioning & walking for fat loss
– Letting go of perfectionism & embracing your forever journey
– Why saying no to yourself can be beneficial
– Awareness & growth as self-care
– Taking unapologetic action 
– The importance of discipline
– Becoming aware of & understanding yourself
– Feeding & educating your kids about food
– Our mutual love of spirituality & the woo

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