Heart Food Podcast | 034 | My story with alcohol & why I choose to be sober curious

This is probably the most vulnerable episode I’ve ever put out.

For the last few years, I’ve pretty much stopped drinking alcohol. I do drink from time to time, but VERY rarely, maybe 1-3 times per year. I don’t consider myself an alcoholic whatsoever, I’m a grey area drinker, but along the way, alcohol began to make me feel like absolutely terrible, both in my brain & my body. Drinking was simply not worth the cost.

Since mostly giving up alcohol, every single area of my life has improved. I feel more at home in my skin and more connected to myself. I cannot be who I want to be, and do the work I want to do in this world, if I am drinking alcohol. For me, I can have one or the other, and giving up alcohol for the most part is a no-brainer. It wasn’t easy to get here, but it has been 100% worth it.

I hope to have more conversations around this subject in our current society where alcohol is glorified. I know it works for some, but for others, it REALLY doesn’t, and I’m putting myself out there for those who feel called to give it up but cannot imagine doing so, especially because of social pressure.

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