People think they need to go to a super fancy restaurant to get a desirable sear on their proteins. This is so false. Searing proteins is of the simplest things you could ever do at home but people don’t think it’s possible for them. The biggest thing standing between you and a beautiful crust on […]

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Fact: roasting vegetables is the best way to eat vegetables. Fact: as humans, we need to eat mountains of vegetables daily. Conclusion: we need to learn to roast vegetables and we need to get good at it now. It’s easy. Sort of. Simply put, you can cut up any vegetable into bite sized pieces, toss […]

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Confession: pillowy (but nutrient stripped) white bread has a firmer grip on my heart than the better-for you-whole wheat variety, but when it comes to rice, brown rice seamlessly K.O.’s white rice’s butt out of the ring every time. I’m sorry, but it’s so much better AND better for you. It’s tender and plump, hearty […]

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Peanut butter….the spread of life. How I adore it….it’s been jelly’s buddy in our lunch box sandwiches. On celery with raisins in ants on a log form. It’s been apple’s partner, too. Chocolate, nutella, bananas, prunes….or like I like to eat it: straight out of the jar with a spoon. What’s best about peanut butter is […]

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healing my relationship with food & my body

We cannot make sustainable change with food, our bodies, or our surrounding habits until we honestly explore and get curious about our relationship with each of them. Mindset change is not easy, but so, so worth it.

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cooking is the ultimate act of self-care

Being healthy starts with learning to cook simple foods in easy, delicious ways with approachable and practical recipes and techniques.

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how to choose the right foods for my body & health

Our health begins with properly nourishing our bodies with nutrient-dense foods. I believe in bio-individuality: each person requires different types and amounts of food to feel their best. Learn how to eat intuitively for the rest of your life!

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